Coffee table 5º

A solo piece of furniture that has a somewhat austere look with small expressive details. Thus, at 5º, everything stands firmly in place.

This coffee table made of solid A-grade oak stands solidly as a solitary piece in any room where it should be seen. Wherever you place it, the craftsmanship and small details incorporated into it stand out.

Would you like this model in a specific size? Feel free to contact with us! We are happy to help you.

Should you choose a color other than white 5% at oak.
This coffee table then becomes a custom piece of furniture.

In case of customization, the right to return expires.
When in doubt a Sample box can be ordered.

 549.00 incl. VAT


The series 5º is a coffee table that will last for years due to its shape and stability.
Like all Studio à la part furniture, each piece is handmade.

Do you still desire a wood species other than oak?
Feel free to contact us, due to customization we can provide multiple wood species upon request.

It is also possible to send samples for a fee. Order the Sample box in our webshop
Curious which colors we use? See our color page with information here.

Delivery time of our products is approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

Additional information

Wood type



140cm x 56.5cm x 30cm (L x W x H)

Delivery time

8 to 12 weeks